This pics i have made on a TH-concert:

Where did u got to know ur best friend Andreas?
Bill: He was on the same school in Wolmirstedt. Except of him i didn't have so many friends at my school. Tom and I broke of the school in the 10th class, Andreas makes his Abitur this year.

Is Andreas similar to u?
Tom: Andreas is exactly like we are. If you are close friends, you have to be similar. And that are we at any rate.

Why do you think you can trust him?
Tom: That comes with the time. We know him since 7 years and we can trust him, because he was there right from th beginning and he knows everything right from the beginning.
Bill: We are friends since a very long time. Thats the same with all my best friends - I got to know them and knew, that I can trust them.

Im sorry if i made some translation mistakes...
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