VIPs about TH

Ben (german singer):
-Echt is one of the best german bands ever, much more better than Tokio Hotel.

(american rapper):

-I don't listen rock and it's true that in first time I thought singer was girl, but I can't denie that those guys are really talented and sucessfull in making music. I got their CD as a gift from my friend Pink, to who I say thank you now, because she had make my music collection more buetiful. And just to remind that CD Schrei is only rock CD in my collection!

Good Charlotte:
-Tokio Hotel are cool, we like the sound. The Comparision to us is a compliment. Maybe onetime we can make something together. 
- Great band, we really like that guys. A really good young band. Really cool guys.

Katja Ebstein (german singer):
-"An deiner Seite" is a really good song. Bill is a tension-rich representative. They build there something great.
Killerpiltze (german band):
-We don't have a problem with Tokio Hotel. In Germany we meet sometimes and we respect eachother. They are really nice and realy differrent than we are. They are a band pop rock and we are punk rock. In their genre they are realy good. We wish them the best!

-I think they are really great, I think the boys have a really good future. The boys are good.

Kool Savas (german rapper):
-Great performance at the EMAs. Respect!


P!NK (american singer):
-I first heard about them on Viva Live Show and I can say the guys are really cuteeeeeeee. Frontman of the band, I don't know his name, is so cute! I swear if I was younger he would be mine. And about their music I don't want to even talk. When Klaas told me about them and when I listened only one their song, I went to the CD shop and bought for me 10 of their CD's and 20 for my friends.. That kind of CD must be in my hands. When I got back home everyone asked me who are those great guys? Then everyone understood my 10 copies of that CD. I explained to them if one accidently get broken I would have other. Well you don't publish that kind of CD every day!!

Sido (german rapper):
-I want to ask them if we can make a song together. Maybe we would take their gitarre-sound and i can rap. That would be great for me because the boys are superstars and also very professionell. They realy have done something realy big!
-You can say what u want about Bill Kaulitz, you know, but he is and will remain shit!

Smudo (singer of the german band "Die fantastischen Vier"):
-I was at a Tokio Hotel-concert and thought "Oh my god how cute" at the one side, at the other side I thought "How cool they make  that, how cool they stay there, the little boys wear this 10000 kids out. I think that super. Very professional! I think they can become a big pop-dinosaur of the future.

Udo Jürgens (german singer):
- They are the future and make good music.

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