2008 February
On 25th march 2008 TH will release their album  "Scream" in Canada!
This songs will be on it:
1. Scream
2. Ready, Set, Go!
3. Monsoon
4. Love is Dead
5. Don't Jump
6. On the Edge
7. Sacred
8. Break Away
9. Rescue Me
10. Final Day
11. Forgotten Children
12. By Your Side
13. 1000 Oceans (world premiere)
14. Monsoon (LIVE in Milan)

Here r some fan-questons and THs answers:

Bensu S:
What type of girls do you guys look for and do you guys think personality is more important than looks or is it the other way around? Also what type of personality and looks do you want to find in a girl?
The most important thing is a girl's personality. I intuitively look at a girl's hands when I meet her for the first time. But, even the most beautiful hands don't help if our personalities don't go together…there has to be a chemistry that makes it work.
Speaking of personality; she has to be honest, funny and most importantly faithful. I can't picture having a relationship with a girl that doesn't have these qualities…especially faithfulness!
It totally depends on what I have in mind for the girl. Are we talking about a long term relationship or just a one-night-stand? In general I don't want to restrict myself to a certain personality type…doing so could lead to missed opportunities

  Chriasiana A:
If you could choose to star in any movie role, what would it be?
I really want to be Brad Pitt in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" because I could have a relationship with Angelina Jolie and have the best sex ever....well, to be precise, she would have the best sex ever.
I think Georg wants to star in "Lord of the Rings" since his nick name is "Hobbit". He would blend in with the other hobbits and not attract so much attention to himself.

Maria B:
Does it make you happy to see so many fans support the band in front of your hotels, etc... ??
Absolutely! For instance on our final Europe Tour concert in Essen, Germany, our fans cried because they were so happy to see us. They had posters saying: "Great to have you back" or "We missed you so much". It really touches me and it's an incredible feeling to be welcomed like that!
Our fans are not just waiting for us at the hotel or at our concerts. They are present all the time…no matter where we go. As a band this is the best feeling ever!

What is the best Christmas present you received?
The best present? I guess - this is probably true for all of us - we gave the best present to ourselves by spending our vacation time with our family and we really enjoyed ourselves…it feels like we haven't spent enough time with them over the last year!
Yes, that vacation was definitely it! We looked forward to that time and spent the holiday on some beaches with our families to relax.
We needed the time off and it was the only vacation time we had in 2007. Now we can start again with renewed energy since we're currently occupied with the planning and rehearsing for our upcoming concerts.

For all my 4 TH guys, this may be a strange question but it is very fun and interesting. So, if your perfect girl could be any fruit, which fruit would she be? Say the first thing that pops into your head!
Only one fruit? Sorry, can't limit my dream girl to only one :-) I can tell you what fruits would be involved. Two beautiful honey melons and an apple which stands for a well formed ass. I think those are the most important ones that should be involved.
She certainly should NOT look like a watermelon.
I agree with Georg!
I love pineapple, grapes and water melons - so some kind of fruit mix would be great!

Cindy R:
What happened to Jumbi, your toy airplane? Do you still have it? If so, where is it now?
Oh yeah, I still have Jumbi. I guess you guys know him from the scene that was included on our "Zimmer 483 - LIVE in Europe" DVD. I learned my lesson from that. For the upcoming Europe Tour in March, we'll definitely bring more than just the one Jumbi along with us - just to be on the safe side. I mean our rescue mission next time might not be as successful as the one you saw. You never know, so we'll get some more planes and Jumbi will have some brothers and sisters

Tom wrote 2 times a blog on the alloy website:

1) "We came to Canada last Thursday, and we are in Toronto right now. I’m sitting in my hotel room, thinking about being here and I have to say we love it. We’ve done two performances, one in Montreal on Saturday and one in Toronto on Sunday night. In between that, we did a lot interviews. We were really surprised when we got here — we expected that no one would really know us. We saw ourselves selling tickets for our shows on the streets to have at least a couple of people show up, but both shows sold out!!! Our fans were waiting for us everywhere – screaming, cheering, talking in German, singing our songs, and, might I add, were very good looking! I saw a lot of beautiful girls in both cities, which made me very happy!
Today, we went to the CN Tower, that was exciting -– it’s sooo high. Georg didn’t feel that well because he’s afraid of heights, but come to think of it, he’s usually afraid of something. Anyway, afterward we went to MuchMusic, where we were guests on a show. We taught the hosts some German words (that was really funny) and performed “Ready Set Go” live — that was cool, too.
Well, I have to go ‘cause I need to pack my stuff. We’re flying to L.A. tomorrow. You should see my room -– my clothes are everywhere, it will take me hours to pack.
Well, talk to you soon — take care!
– Tom"

2) "Hi everyone, it’s Tom again.
Today is our last day in New York. Tomorrow, we’ll be heading back to Germany for our European Tour rehearsals. The kick off will be on March 3 in Brussels (that’s in Belgium), so we need to get started.
WOW, this North America trip was crazy. First, we got trapped in Toronto because of a massive amount of snow, and it took us two days to get to L.A.! After that, we barely made it to NY since our airplane had technical problems — it’s definitely no fun spending three days in the airport next to Georg (’cause he doesn’t smell too good)
But enough of that — let’s talk about the good stuff! We were absolutely blown away by all you fans. It was so amazing to see how pumped up and excited you were…you totally made us all feel at home, especially me! Compared to the other band members, I got tons of phone numbers from the most beautiful girls So basically, I can’t wait to come back. For next time: maybe you all could think about giving the other band members a chance, too.
That’s it for today — THANK YOU for everything and see you soon!
– Tom"

Here is a video about TH in America:


"An Deiner Seite" had
been released in Canada.
This songs r on it:
An deiner Seite (Ich bin da) - Radio Edit
1000 Meere - Single version
An deiner Seite (Ich bin da) - Live
Scream - Live Paris Bercy Video
U can buy it here:

an interiew:

New York:

Tokio Hotel in Hollywood:

In the concert were also VIPs like Jay-Z and Nicole Scherzinger!

Some concert-tickets were sold for 2000 Dollar!
The guys said that they what to make a bigger tour in april!

A boy in the german casting-show DSDS was singing Durch den Monsun...


... an interview ...

There is a new concert-date in Switzerland on the 12th july 2008 in Geneva.

Tokio Hotel won the Echo in the categorie "Best Video" with the song "Spring nicht"!

There r 2 new concerts in Denmark. One on the 2th April and 4th April.

1000 Meere in english:

Tokio Hotel will give a concert in Norway!
It will be on 7th April in Oslo.
Also the guys will be in spain at "Rock in Rio" in Madrid on 28th June.

Tokio Hotel won the Goldene Kamera award! I think Bills speech is really funny... have a look:

An interview about North America:

Tokio Hotel will be in the Bravo Supershow. It will be on the 3. May 2008 in Nürenberg (Germany).The boys are nominated for Best Band Rock...

There was a big car inspection in Germany . They were searching for drivers who had taken drugs or alcohol... Tom were stoped too, because of his new car. His driving licence and the way he drive were ok...
Here r some pics and a video about it:

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