2008 April
Bill and Tom r buying a flat in Berlin, because they r so often in this town and don't want to stay always in hotels. In Berlin Bill also have his voice rehabilitation. But they also will have their flat in Hamburg, because there they want to make their 3 TH-album.
Umzugslaster verlässt Hambur
Umzugslaster Tokio Hotel
The removal-lorry

TH will be in two live webchats on 15th April:
1) On Habbo.ca (http://www.habbo.ca/articles/145-have-any-questions-for-tokio-hotel) at 9pm UK time!
2) On Stardoll (http://www.stardoll.com/en/) at  10pm UK time!

Now, 10 days after Bills operation he is allowed to speak and
in one month he will be allowed to sing again!

His first word was a carefully "Ahhh" and than he tried  "1,2,3". He isn't in pain anymore, but he still must inhale and isn't allowed to speak much to laugh or to telephone.

Also he isn't allowed to hear music because he would automaticly sing the songs.
Btw, the first thing Bill wrote on a paper after the operation was a question why he still has to wear this terrible white coat.

Don't Jump released in the Netherlands on 4th April and in Czech Republic on 8th April!


Scream entered the Canadian Music Charts at no. 6!

BILL has wrote a blog over on muchmusic:

"Hi, it's Bill from Tokio Hotel!
Just wanted to say "Hi" to all our Canadian fans - everything is a little chaotic these days since I had to have surgery on Sunday to get my vocal chords back in shape. Luckily, everything has gone well so far...what a relief! I am not allowed to talk for the next ten days and after that I have to start training my voice again.
It's definitely a tough time but I am getting so much support from all you fans out there, also the other three band members are coming by on a regular basis to check on me. Tom is especially there for me...practically 24/7.
I just wanted to let you know that I am really sorry that we had to postpone our Canadian concert dates but I can promise you that we are trying to catch up on them as soon as possible. Stay tuned and I hope to see you all soon!!! Oh yeah, thanks to everyone who got our brand new album Scream that was released last Tuesday in Canada - it's amazing to have the best fans EVER! Keep on rocking and take care!
- Bill"

2 weeks i was away, and i think u all know what happend in this 2 weeks...

Bill has a operation on his vocal chord last sunday.
If u want to know which concerts r still there have a look at the widget.
Some canceled concert have already dates where it will be:
12.06.08: Geneva
27.06.08: Barcelona -
Palais des Sant Jordi
29.06.08: Portugal
06.07.08: Rome - Ippodromo Delle Cappanelle

Tokio Hotel r nominated 3 times for the Comet Awards in the categories: Best Band, Best Live Act and Best Video for An Deine Seite.

Tom has blogged 2 times on www.alloy.com:
"Hi guys, it's Tom again.
Our first shows for this tour have been going very smoothly, and we are feeling so good about that. Right now, we have some time off, so we’re here in Spain relaxing in a really nice hotel just beside the ocean. It’s a nice place and even has some tennis courts. Since we’ve spent so much time playing table tennis, we’re loving the courts and playing outdoors. Of course, you won’t be surprised to hear that since I’m the best at table tennis, the others don’t stand a chance against me on the courts I actually feel a bit sorry for them -- they try so hard, 'specially Georg ... but what am I supposed to do??
Well, after this little break, we’ll continue the tour in Italy. All of us are really excited about coming back to Canada and the States. I can’t give away too much right now, but we’ll be back for sure in April, and it looks like we’ll be staying longer than the last time. So stay tuned for more details. Talk to you soon!
Take care, Tom "

"Hi everyone, it’s Tom again!
As most of you’ve probably heard, we had to cancel the rest of our “1000 Hotels European Tour” because Bill is having major problems with his vocal chords and has to undergo surgery. Having to do that has been a big let down for all of us — especially for Bill. We are all back in Germany, and of course, I returned directly with Bill to support him and be there if he needs me.
Bill has to see the doctor several times per day, but be assured he has the best doctors in Germany. We are talking about so many things these days ’cause all of this is really scary. But most of all we feel so sorry that we had to disappoint you guys with cancelling the rest of the tour. We feel like we let everybody down. Bill especially feels really bad about this, and I try to reassure him that it’s nobody’s fault.
So me and the boys want you to know that we’re doing everything we can to get back on stage and see you all as soon as possible….that’ll be soooo awesome! We hope it won’t take too long. Thanks for all the “get well” wishes you guys have been sending us — it’s amazing to get such great support from all our fans out there. Take care and thanks again for your unbelievable support! Oh yeah, feel free to leave a comment here…Bill will check them out as soon as he feels a little better.

Canadian interview:
North America opens up a new market for you. Thanks to the Internet, however, you have a lot of fans here. Were you surprised by the warmth of their reception?
We are completely overwhelmed by the reception! When we left for Canada, we said 'Let's see what happens there… " We thought we would have to distribute posters ourselves on the street for people to attend our shows!
Absolutely! In their place, the two shows in Montreal and Toronto were presented sold-out, even though we had never been here and our album has not yet been released. It's extraordinary! There were even fans who were there to welcome us, shouting and singing songs! It was very intense! We loved it!

What did you hope for on your first trip to North America? Do you feel that this is a second start for you?
That is exactly what we feel, but in the right sense. Each time that we learn that we have fans in a country, we go to see them and play for them. And every time you go somewhere for the first time, it’s very exciting!
It’s true. You try to guess how people will react, how they will perceive your music, how they will act, otherwise they will have nothing. It’s a little like Blind Date! It’s a little scary, but it’s always as nice to meet the fans for the first time!
For us, it is not a question of Expectations and goals. All we have ever wanted is to play and travel as much as possible. Given that we are a German group, none of us have ever dared to dream of coming to North America. This is not something very common for German groups. That is why we are excited to have this opportunity and hope that people will like what we do.

The album that is released here on Tuesday, Scream, includes English versions of songs that you published in German. Apart from the texts, have you made other modifications to these parts? And what reception do they have here?
Musically speaking, they have not changed.
When Bill was 13 years old, his voice kept changing. So we had to re-record new versions of several songs.
That’s true. His voice became more serious after that. But apart from that we haven’t changed anything.
For my part, I don’t know what kind of reception can be obtained. One only hopes that people will be able to relate to our music. One hopes that they will leave touched. All that we want, is to connect with them. I always write about subjects that arrive in our own lives or those in our friends and members of our family. Certain songs, in particular those from our second German album, are even influenced by the lives of our fans, their stories. They write so many letters to us, telling us how they feel, what is happening to them…one can find that in our songs.

What have you thought about your first meeting with your fans in Quebec?
Good, I saw lots of pretty girls. Really….lots! and I am always as impressed by the mini skirts that they wear even when its cold! They have my respect! I am looking forward to returning to Quebec to take a new, more intense look at all that!

Some of your fans are very young. Do you feel morally responsible towards them?
We are conscious of that. But to be honest, we are still teenagers ourselves. And we behave like other teenagers. Of course, we make mistakes like everyone. And everyone should have that right. When we started in this business, and Tom and I came out to party, there were still stories because we were only 15 years old. Every time, it came out in the newspapers the next day! Fortunately, they have stopped bothering us with that in Germany since we turned 18 in September. That being said, people should not try to imitate. At each of our experiences.

What would you say are your musical influences? There are a lot of different things in your music!
Its funny because we have never had any real influence on or music.
It’s true…we all have different tastes in music that we listen to, and everything so different that its never over groups or artists. However, we have always wanted to create our own sound and it is something that we can agree on, our music.
And the creation of this sound, is something that was happened without force. As it was found for the first time in the original, its what came out and where everything comes out.

To have 2 brothers as leaders, does this influence the group dynamics?
Particularly when they argue!
Absolutely! And it is a situation where nobody should interfere! When we have rows, Tom and I, its always very emotional and very explosive. But as soon as someone tries to interfere, it usually turns against them.
It has always been like that. No matter what happens between us, if someone is trying to mediate a conflict between us, we form a team. Those kinds of things should remain between Bill and I.

Have you ever had a good idea of the musical direction that your next album will have? If so, what will it be?
Its really early to answer this question, since we have not yet begun to work on our new album. However, we write all the time. It is a never-ending process with us.
To record an album, you have t spend time in the studio, that we have not been able to do for a long time. But it is definitely in the schedule during the year. .

1000 Oceans:

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